Different Kinds of Designs and hundreds of colors.

Welcome To Kalpana Craft

We are working to reduce plastic items by developing Handmade felt items, succeeded in Wool Dryer Balls and Needle Felting Mat.

Now, we are working on Felt flowers and Felt Holiday items. We do little things to protect environment. The little things can make a big difference.

Top Exporter of The Year 2016/17

Receiving top exporter of the year award from Our Honorable President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari.


We invented/developed some new items including felting mat together. Handmade Needle-Felting Mat is the best alternative for plastic based foam mat. We did some Needle Felting training in the school of rural areas of Nepal.

She has developed several new felt techniques including the soft sculptural technique and the relief technique. Felt Artist Birgitte Krag Hansen, Denmark and Felt artist Maya Stenz, Switzerland are our principal teacher for felt making.

Artist Birgitte Krag Hansen made this unique felt art of the proprietor’s (Amrit) family. This art is made by needle felting technique using colored wool. This is one of the most special gifts we’ve ever received, and we want to spread this kind of art in the world.

100+ Sheep's Wool Colors

17+ Award Achievements

100% Custom Made Designs

14+ Years Of Experience

200+ Women Felt Artists

About Nepali Felt Industry

There are more than 100 factories and workshops of handmade wool felt industry inside Kathmandu valley. About 70% of total orders get during peak season, July to October. Most companies distribute orders to the number of small factories and workshops to complete orders on time. These Suppliers are less educated. There is lack of fair wages and fair trade norms. Kalpana Craft is able to provide good wages to the felt artist and all workers. We produce all items inside our factory. Wool dryer balls help us to continue work on off seasons. Kalpana Craft alone is now supplying approximately 40% wool dryer balls of present world’s market demand. More than 250 happy employees are working in Kalpana Craft. 

"Kalpana craft" is the one among very few companies who is equipped with completely "in-house production" facilities.


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Eco -Friendly


Women Participation

Fair Trade

Child Labor Free

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