Felt shoe and slipper
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Felt Craft
We make felt items, generally we produce felt items upon the orders from our buyers and business partners. Now we have more than 70 wool colours. All items are Customizable. Below are some pictures for example:

Felt Carpets

Felt ball carpet Felt ball carpet 100cm
Felt ball carpet multi color Felt ball carpet blue 150cm
Felt ball carpet violet 150cm Felt ball carpet multi color 100cmFelt ball rug 100cm   
Felt bag


Felt purse

 Shoes and Slipper

Felt Balls / felt  Beads

Plain ball, Beaded ball, Polka dotted, Flower ball, Swirl ball


In handmade felt, principally all items are possible to make. We make various felt items as per our buyer’s requirement.
eg. Felt shoe, Felt slipper, Felt bag, Felt hat, Felt Ornaments, felt Earring, felt Necklace, Felt Brooch pin, Felt Bangles, Felt hair Clips, Felt Ribbons, Felt Garlands, Felt Light decoration, Felt Table decoration, felt vase, felt dust bin, Needle Felting, felt Art, Felt Sculpture, Nuno Felting, Felt Purse, felt Shawl, felt Scarf, felt key ring, Felt sheet, felt mat, wool roving, die cut shapes, felt embellishment.

 Enjoy this beautiful craft from Himalayan country of Nepal.